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02 VNU – IS research projects are listed in the top 20 VNU’s excellent student research projects

For the last few years, the research projects conducted by VNU-IS students have experienced a surge in terms of quantity and quality.

In the 2019 – 2020 academic year, they again became the pride of the International School for contributing 02 research projects to the top 20 excellent student research projects at VNU level.

The research project on “Factors influencing destination choice: Mediation of Pandemic and Perception of Destination” of the student group of Accounting, Analyzing and Auditing program is among the 07 research projects that won the Second Prize. The group of 05 students (Nguyen Phuong Thao, Nguyen Cam Van, Bui Bang Anh, Tran Thi Thuy Nga, Doan Tien Dat) settled on a research topic that goes hand in hand with the Covid-19 pandemic. They have studied the factors influencing the selection of tourist destinations under the context of Covid-19 and received the enthusiastic support from their supervisors. Despite working on the project amidst the pandemic season, the group have succeeded in interviewing over 40 enterprises, making their findings convincing to the Evaluation Council.

The group of students who won the Second Prize had the most members among the research groups of this year.

“Design solar power model remote monitoring used in aquaponics systems” – the research project of Le Anh Binh, a student of International Business program, is one of the 09 research projects to win the Third Prize. Binh has entertained the idea of a solar-powered and remote-monitoring system in aquatic environments since his high school years. After enrolled to VNU-IS, he received a lot of supports and advices from his lecturers to create a complete research model. “The current model will promote the shift to renewable energy. My research is not yet complete, and I will continue to develop an automated feeding system for aquaponic environment or a solution to the latency when transitioning from a network interface to a cloud-based platform”, Binh shared his thoughts.

Le Anh Binh presented his research at the 12th Student Research Conference.

The evaluation and review of student research projects are conducted annually to foster research activities among students. The selected research topics are outstanding projects conducted by students of affiliated members under VNU. This year, VNU introduced some amendments to the evaluation processing of research projects. VNU has established 02 Evaluation Councils in the field of Economics and Information Technology, which are responsible for overseeing and appraising the topics presented by the student groups.

Student research activities at VNU-IS have witnessed great achievements and successes in recent years. For 03 consecutive years, VNU-IS students’ research have entered the top 20 excellent student research projects at VNU level. They also made it to the Final Round of the Euréka Scientific Research Students Awards competition and won the Consolation Prize. It is worth mentioning that their research was totally conducted in English, and the complete project was presented in English as well. This is a distinctive feature of the International School which is shared by only a few training institutions in Vietnam.

Congratulations to the 02 groups of students who won the student research award at VNU level. We do hope that you will achieve further success in your future career.

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