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"We think digital" program launching ceremony
The launch ceremony of Facebook's "We think digital" program took place on July 22th, 2020. It is a component of the Safety and Digital Literacy pillar of the Facebook for Vietnam campaign.

“Facebook for Vietnam” (FB4VN) is the first comprehensive campaign aimed at affirming the long-term commitment of Facebook in Vietnam and celebrating 25 years of the Vietnam-US relationship. It focuses on five pillars: Innovation, Digital Economy, Safety and Digital Literacy, Cities and Community.

The “We Think Digital” programme is designed to raise awareness and equip students, parents and teachers with key skills to move beyond digital literacy into responsible digital citizenship. Its three main pillars are: how to improve the awareness of digital thinking; how to teach digital thinking; leadership thinking.

On the Program, Mr. Ruici Tio (Policy Program Manager, Facebook Asia-Pacific) said: "We believe that equipping users, especially young people, with the knowledge and skills for a digital future is especially important. In line with that mission, Facebook has developed the "We think digital" program and we are extremely excited to expand this program to Vietnam and contribute to building a generation of responsible citizens. We cooperate with regional experts to create resources and training materials to foster a responsible digital citizen community equipped with the skills that help them navigate the digital world".

Discussed at the ceremony was the topic: Promote training activities to raise awareness of digital skills and digital safety through multilateral cooperation, which tackles the importance and necessity of digital skills and safety, the role of different departments/ministries/sectors in promoting digital skills and safety among citizens, and actionable plans aimed at developing a safer and more knowledgeable online community in Vietnam.

With tens of millions of users in Việt Nam, building a healthy, positive network community is always at the centre of our activities. To help students access digital citizenship and online security skills, "We Think Digital" aims to promote digital skills that will help users engage in positive online behaviour and stay safe online. The insights of the pilot programme in 2019 and the strength of our collaboration with the partners here today will allow us to engage and train thousands more students and teachers across Việt Nam throughout the next year,” said Nguyễn Phương Chi, Vietnam Public Policy Manager, Facebook.

On the steps made by USSH to catch up with the digital trend, Prof.Dr Pham Quang Minh said the University founded the Vietnam Program for Internet and Society in 2016 that has since taken part in developing a Code of conduct on social media, and held several conferences on such newsworthy issues as fake news and hate speech. In December 2019, a group of lecturers of USSH was invited to the global "We think digital" program of Facebook in Singapore, officially beginning the cooperation with Facebook in developing the contents of Digital literacy to Vietnamese university students. These contents will not only be organized into official subjects taught at the University but also included in extracurricular activities of USSH's students in multiple forms.

 Trần Anh Dũng - VNU - USSH
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