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The University of Liège

The MOU was singed on 5 March, 2007
The University of Liège was founded in 1817. The University of Liège has 7 faculties: Philosophy and Letters, Law and Political Science - The Jean Constant Criminology School of Liege, Science, Medicine, Applied Science, Veterinary medicine, Psychology and Education. The University includes one School: HEC-ULg School of Management and one Institute for Human. The University of Liege devotes more than half of its annual budget to high-level research, recognized throughout the world. Its activities extend from fundamental to applied research. Over the last 10 years, the University of Liege has also invested highly in the technological leadership and economic redeployment of the region. It favors, in particular, the creation of technological clusters or centers, combining university scientific services with a number of companies and economic players around a given theme. The ULg also takes part in the development and technological leadership of the LIEGE science park and plays an active role in interregional projects. The University of Liege is still a pioneer in the implementation of a coherent policy and professional tools for highlighting the importance of research whose more visible results are the creation of spin-off firms – more than 80 firms created yet! – and a significant portfolio of licensable technologies.

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