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VNU ULIS Internship portfolio: Making good conditions for study and job finding

Despite some complaints in the implementation process, the “Internship Portfolio” of the University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS) arouses widespread businesses’ expectations making ULIS students gradually take positive viewpoints about this project.

Internship Portfolio of Dang Thi Phuong Thuy, a student from Faculty of Linguistics and Cultures of English Speaking Countries, ULIS – By AZ Express

Being first launched in 2018, the ULIS Internship Portfolio has many positive changes and is more comprehensive than the previous ones. Accordingly, ULIS students will build their individual internship profile by integrating activities during the four academic years: extracurricular activities, supplementary courses, scientific research as well as their internship in establishments, businesses, etc. Moreover, instead of being introduced to practice in the eighth semester by the school, they now can find the establishments on their own to practice from the first year.


It mainly gives ULIS students considerable advantages regarding knowledge and skills. Ms. Nguyen Thuy Linh, Vice President of the ULIS Student Association, shared that “The criteria in the Internship Profile motivate students to develop their own creativity and desire to express themselves accompanied by soft skills such as time management, multitasking, communication skill, etc.”

Furthermore, HR specialists from many businesses also “highly appreciate” it being unique and special item for ULIS students when entering the labor market (Ms. Le Bich Vuong, manager of Smart Learn English Center).


Sharing the expectations about this internship model, the ULIS President, Mr. Do Tuan Minh and school staff desire their students to adapt to this new model, better meet the requirements of the labor market, become more dynamic and more creative through these criteria in the portfolio. Therefore, for businesses, ULIS-ers will be outperformed than others.

Businesses also express their interest in this project. Ms. Le Lam Yen (Sunshine Group) believes that the “Internship Portfolio” will provoke student’s activeness and creativity, assist them to early experience the fast-paced working environment, and establish contacts and relationships for their future.

Similarily, employers also anticipate that ULIS students have enough time to improve and accumulate vital skills in the 4.0 era. Businesses nowadays tend to appreciate and concern the ULIS applicants possessing an internship portfolio that satisfies the criterion adopted by the school.

ULIS-ers believe that the Portfolio makes them more mature and find the future jobs more smoothly. Last but not least, they also hope that the rules are about to be more specific, more unified, and there are more technology seminars helping students easily digitize their demonstration on A4 pages or in files.


Meanwhile, ULIS students and administrators  also deal with several challenges when implementing this project. The greatest challenge comes from students’ awareness. “When moving from one model to a new one, students have had certain cognitive delays. Many students have not been ready for the early internship due to the general psychology.” (Mr. Do Tuan Minh). Moreover, the Internship Portfolio assesses the 4-year course of study at the school so students always have to worry about accumulated evidence of on and off-campus activities that they participate in.

Tran Thi Anh – a freshman of the Faculty of Korean Language and Culture expressed that “The Internship Portfolio poses many criteria and requirements for students before graduation which will be tricky for students as they have to manage time effectively to balance learning and working part-time, as well as participating in extracurricular activities”.

There are some difficulties for the QH.2016 cohort students to whom this project applies for the first time. They probably have less time to prepare and complete their own Internship Portfolio (Phi Xuan Quynh – a senior of the Faculty of French Language and Culture). 

Ulis students’s sharing about the “Internship Portfolio” – By AZ Express

The ULIS cadres of functional and Student Support Departments have made much more effort to organize a range of seminars, employer networking sessions and skill courses which are beneficial for students.

In addition, the teachers have to consider how to assess students’ profiles the most objectively and fairly to deserve the quality and result of both of them. Mr. Do Tuan Minh affirms that after each grading assessment, the school staff will draw more experience and make appropriate changes in favor of their students.

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