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About VNU Science and Technology Development Fund

VNU Science and Technology development fund was established under the Decision No.3042/KHCN dated June 23, 2008 by VNU President. The fund is an affiliated unit of VNU and has its own legal status, stamp and accounts, including foreign currency accounts at the State Treasury and commercial banks as stipulated by the law.

VNU Science and Technology development fund is a nonprofit organization operated under the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and VNU’s regulations. The fund aims to support and promote the scientific research as well as the scientific and technological applications. Also, its operations contribute to develop the scientific and technological potential, enhance VNU’s position and promote the national socio-economic development.
Management Council

1. Nguyễn Kim Sơn, VNU President – Chairman

2. Nguyễn Hữu Đức - Vice Chairman

3. Vũ Văn Tích, Director of VNU Science and Technology Department - Permanent Member
4. Phạm Xuân Hoan, Director of VNU Planning - Finance Department - Member
5. Nguyễn Đình Đức, Director of VNU Academic Affairs Department - Member;
7. Nguyễn Hiệu, Director of VNU Organization - Personnel Department - Member
8. Trần Quốc Bình, Chief of VNU Office of the President - Member
Managing Committee

Managing Director: Nguyễn Hoàng Hải

Deputy Managing Director: Vũ Văn Tích
Functions and Missions

1. To receive and manage the sources of funds in accordance with the regulations;

2. To effectively and efficiently allocate the sources of funds;
3. To preserve and develop the funds;
4. To abide by the regulations of the Fund and other related regulations of VNU and the State;
5. To regularly and irregularly report to VNU President;
6. To carry outfund mobilizing activities in accordance with the State’s laws and VNU’s regulations;
7. To organize the evaluation and make decision on providing financial support or granting loans to the projects, conferences, and other proposals of VNU affiliated units or individuals;
8. To provide financial support, grant loan, and reclaim the credit fund and interest incurred from the loan;
9. To control, manage, make final assessment, and evaluate the implementation of the financed projects or granted loans from the Fund;
10. To suspend the financial support/loan or reclaim the funding upon discovering any violations to the regulations of the Fund;
11. To establish the relationship with national and foreign organizations and individuals to mobilize funding for the Fund or represent such organizations and individuals in providing financial support or granting loans to scientific and technological projects or implement funding development activities in accordance with the law;
12. To implement other missions assigned by VNU President.


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