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VNU Welcome Message

     The rapid development of science and technology in a world operating in a knowledge-based economy creates both opportunities and challenges, which can either promote or block sustainable development of a country and all human kind. Among numerous measures to build up a prosperous and peaceful world, university–based development proves to be sustainable and optimal.  Knowledge cities and university centers have become an irreplaceable tool in providing high quality human resources, suggesting effective solutions to solve economic crises, strengthening the understanding and developing relations and friendship between countries and nations, preserving and enhancing diversified culture, and assisting humans to appropriately respond to global changes.

     Throughout its over 100 years of development, being aware of responsibilities toward global issues, VNU has affirmed its position as  Vietnam’s top comprehensive multi-disciplinary academic and research center of excellence based on international standards. With modern comprehensive higher education management, VNU has been striving to establish itself as a leading institution in Vietnam and in the region based on the philosophy “Excellent through Knowledge” and by promoting six core values: high quality, creativity, innovation, integration, responsibility to society, and sustainable development. An important task of VNU is to provide the country with high quality human resources to meet the developmental needs of the society, thus making important contributions to the progress of Vietnam and within this region and the world.

     VNU has created an impressive cultural community, a harmonious academic environment in which lecturers, scientists and students are working together in an open and friendly manner.

      VNU greatly appreciates continued cooperation with other universities, colleges, institutes, agencies, localities and business sectors throughout the country and all over the world and is always looking forward to widening that spectrum. VNU also promotes its traditions, dedication, creativity, dynamism and a high sense of responsibility of all faculty, staff members, students, and alumni. The integration of these various components in one university is regarded as a breakthrough for VNU to quickly integrate and develop in a way that incorporates international standards and realizes its important mission assigned by the Vietnamese Government and Vietnamese society.


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