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Digital leadership and management - the key to success in the digital transformation age
On July 2, 2020, the International Francophone Institute in collaboration with VNU University of Economics and Business and the Enterprise Development Fund organized an international seminar on "Digital leadership and management in the digital transformation age”

The purpose of the seminar was to explore new theories and ideas, as well as to share leadership and management experience in organizations and businesses. At the seminar, scientists, managers, experts and lecturers discussed aspects related to technology, economics, culture, society, ethics and law of leadership and management in the digital transformation age, thinking about leadership and management - from philosophy, subjects, objects to leadership and management skills to grasp opportunities and solve challenges of the digital age.

This seminar is one of the Diderot Advanced Academic Seminars (DAAS) - the annual multidisciplinary scientific series of seminars organized by IFI. It is a series of international academic events meeting the learning, research and exchange needs of researchers, lecturers, undergraduates and doctoral students in various fields.

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