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University of Oslo

The MOU was singed on 14 June, 2010
The University of Oslo is one of the largest organisations in Norway, was founded in 1911 with 6000 staff and close to 27,000 students, . The University of Oslo offers more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programmes, of which 40 Master's degree programmes taught in English.University has 8 faculties: Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Theology. There are 8 Centres of Excellence (SFF) at the University of Oslo such as: Centre for Molecular Biology and Neuroscience , Centre for the Physics of Geological Processes, Centre of Mathematics for Applications .... 4 researchers at the University of Oslo has been rewarded with Nobel prizes for their research.

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